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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Reindeer Casserole

This morning it’s the traditional Boxing Day run at the Furnace Inn in Derby. We take Son and Daughter over with us, so that they can both head over to their father’s. Not that either looks particularly enamoured to be up at this unearthly time... 11am. I think both have unwittingly left their Christmas spirit back home asleep in bed.

I run the 5k attached to both Doggo and MD but forget the ‘dual lead attachment’ thing and have to cobble together a replacement using MD’s halti. They are also rather difficult to handle at the start. Doggo is hyper, which is making MD hyper and when MD does hyper, he does hyper with knobs on. We stand in the next street but not only can all the other runners still hear their barking, most of Derby can.

My lead replacement doesn’t work very well and just seems to glue the two dogs together. Which isn’t too bad but I worry that it prevents Doggo trying to stop when he tires. So I keep stopping and untangling them, while checking that Doggo in his advancing years is ok. He seems fine and we even have enough in the tank to overhaul a terrier near the end and perhaps be first dogs across the line. Although we’re only 84th, so not sure if anything else with four legs was further up the field.

After a couple of drinks in the pub we head home for a bit of post-race and reindeer casserole that L has concocted. It was very nice. We don’t save the boys any despite the fact they’ve both been after a bit of deer for years.

(Wednesday 26th December)

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