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Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Another cold night but still not particularly icy.

On Saturday, when we finally got someone to visit us, the floor man decreed no hard floor. So it’s carpet again, after all that. So tonight we head to their Beeston shop after work as its open conveniently until 7pm on a Wednesday night.

Despite this advertised late opening they are closing up as we arrive just before 6pm... and we even let them know in advance that we were coming. This company really do not want our business do they?

Despite that we order the carpet and buy a rug. See guys, it was worth you opening late after all.

Dog training tonight and I’m on the graveyard shift 9pm-10pm, which I manage to get out of by swapping into an 8pm through our Facebook site. Handy isn’t it, it’s a good job I set that up for them.

Back home we lug the old three piece suite outside and place it at the front of the house. The Council are apparently coming to collect it tomorrow. Yeah right of course they will.

(Wednesday 12th December)

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