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Saturday 22 December 2012

Putting In An Appearance

This morning L takes me to the gym. Well I suppose it’s about time I put in an appearance. I meet L’s self appointed personal fitness advisor, who seems keen to self appoint himself to me as well.

I manage a good 15k bike session and a bit of a warm down on the treadmill afterwards. I started out listening to my audiobook but was only managing around 170 watts on the bike, whereas once I reverted to some punchy music it shot up to 220 watts. So that was an interesting, if unintended experiment.

After returning home, L heads off to the panto with Daughter and her family, oh yes she does. The boys and I go for a paddle on the park. Paddle we do, water water everywhere and with the low lying mist as well it’s very eerie.

After which I do the weekly trip to B&Q, this time for a loo seat, perhaps we should look after our guests this Christmas after all and give them something to sit on. Well at least something that doesn’t constantly move around like the old one.

I take the dogs with me, they’re not allowed unaccompanied in the revamped living room and unfortunately the new squishy carpet means the door no longer fits so there’s nothing to stop them wiping their paws wherever they wish. So come with me they must.

Then we all meet up back at home to chew on a leg of lamb.

(Saturday 22nd December)

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