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Sunday, 30 December 2012

We Are So Not Speaking

So, our first dog show for four months today at the equestrian centre in the South Staffordshire College. MD has been looking much better in training recently, which was the aim. To take him out of competition for a while and work on various stuff. Completing a course was the main thing...

This is a new venue to us. Three of the six rings are outside. Brrr. Come to think of it the indoor ones are a bit drafty was well and all the loos locked up but for four portaloos = big queue.

Doggo did his agility. A solid clear but it was a very simply course with only one piece of agility equipment in it, the rest being jumps and tunnels. So not really his speciality and not really an agility course either. 11th though.

MD is a bit overexcited on his first run, quivering on the start line, hence two poles down. Otherwise though it wasn't too bad. So all set for the next one.

Ah... Gutted. We are so not speaking. MD puts me in the car in disgrace. He did the most amazing run until I sent him the wrong way. L is supportive and blames last night’s OP.

Though it's not affected her, she's finished her gym based 12 days of Fitmas challenge today. It's been good because it has truly inspired her, although she's aggravated her knee a little in the process. Now she needs to adopt some of those exercises into her routine all year round.

Another clear for the old maestro, 10th place this time. Then one pole down on MD’s third run and then the first pole down on his last. When that hit the ground I thought, sod it, lets go for it and the rest of it was a superb run until we got E’d near the end trying to be too clever but we enjoyed that.

(Sunday 30th December)

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