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Friday 21 December 2012

And Now, The End Is Here...

And now, the end is here...’ Our time is up or so the Mayans say at 11.11am this morning. How exciting. So we bring forward our 11am coffee break, just in case. It’ll be a shame really because we’re having new carpet installed this afternoon.

11.11 passes and nothing happens. Perhaps they’re running late, can the apocalypse be delayed by flood water?

An hour later, still nothing has happen. Oh well, best start planning for Christmas then.

At home, the carpet layers arrive and now we have lovely squishy new carpet.

In the evening, I decline our company’s Christmas night out in favour of Derby’s match at home to Hull City. We didn’t expect to see many turn up after they switched the game to a Friday night but it turns out to be one of the biggest gates of the season courtesy of a lot of free tickets handed out. This is quite obvious from the high pitched chanting, you can always tell it’s a freebie night when it’s full of school kids.

The match is a let down, Derby are on a good run but the baffling decision to play one up front at home means we never really threaten the Hull goal and lose 2-1.

(Friday 21st December)

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