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Thursday 28 February 2013

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

I’m on the new CityLink bus again, and amongst a plan to stop in Bramcote in the future (which is no use to me but perhaps good for them), they seem to have got the heating working. They hadn’t on Tuesday but then nor had Trent Barton’s i4 either, which I used on the way in.Customer service eh...

Heating apart, Trent Barton seem to be taking the competition seriously... adding covers to the seats in Derby bus station, having some rather quaint red ropes closing of their area and flight attendants on hand... err why? All part of their Red Arrow Take Flight team apparently. Of course none of this supposed ‘customer service’ had been deemed necessary before but at least now you’ve got someone to whinge at as you wait 30 minutes longer than you intended for your bus.

Actually it all makes me more inclined to go elsewhere.

Normal service has been resumed in the Brunswick now that the beer festival is over and we can not only get a seat but lunch as well. Normal service is there too in the shape of the grumpy barman who serves a customer mild and his friend a mild shandy after telling them the only mild they have on is Father Mikes. What he doesn’t tell them is, its 5.8% alcohol. I only hope they’re not driving.

I have a really fun game of squash tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed running around madly, smashing the ball about randomly and completely forgetting to employ any tactics. Nil point. 

(Thursday 28th February)

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