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Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Letter From The Post Office

The post office send me a generic letter acknowledging my ‘enquiry’, nowhere in the letter does it mention the missing package I reported.

Things go sort of well at today’s dog show at Scunthorpe. Two clear rounds for MD, which is a rare thing in one day. We do a really scrappy jumping run and get 7th, which is a nice surprise. Then we do a really controlled agility run and get 8th, which is disappointing... and confusing, as to how our scrappy run was better than the controlled one. His other runs aren’t too bad either, just a pole down in each. Doggo is also clear.

L does the Park Run at Forest Rec again but nearly a minute slower than last week. Oh dear.

She asks if I’ll be AF tonight before hobbling round, and it will a hobble, the 10K tomorrow. No but I guess we ought to keep it LA (low alcohol). Then we go down one of our locals, the Wheelhouse, for some pasta and a few Abbots. So it turns out not very LA at all.

(Saturday 13th April)

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