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Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Few Beheadings Before Bedtime

The legs are tired and I have squash tonight, so I decide not cycle.

When a colleague who does come on his bike describes it as ******* windy out there, I think I may have made the correct decision to leave the wheels at home today.

L has made a life changing decision and is not rejoining the running club. I shall join her in this renegade approach. I’ve always been a reluctant member anyway and have always felt a bit of a fraud because we never attend any of their events, help out and in my case I rarely wear their colours.

Not cycling doesn’t really help at squash. Although oddly for the fourth week in a row I am winning in the final game as the next players bang on the door to call time. I wonder if my opponent arranges that.

L is treating me to the TV series of ‘Pillars of the Earth’ a story of rape, pillage and beheadings in the 12th Century that even L has been appalled by, although also riveted, on audiobook.
The actual story is about building a cathedral, which is I guess why the rape and pillage get so much time in the book, to jazz it up, along with Hayley Atwell. 

Anyhow I haven’t read the book, L has obviously and reckons the TV version is nothing like. Personally I’m just finding it jolly confusing but we’ll see it through.

(Thursday 4th April)

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