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Monday 22 April 2013

The Extortionate Cost Of Air

I seem to have a slow puncture on the car, not the bike for once. This would not be a great problem, as topping it up occasionally with air works. Of course putting the spare on or getting it fixed would be even better. 

The problem is, that I didn’t know that even a minute amount of air costs 50p these days. Extortionate. I am now an air line expert and now know that Sainsbury’s do not charge but all the big fuel companies do. So that’s another thing that supermarkets have cornered the market on.

I’m sure there was no wind this morning but by mid-afternoon it’s winding itself up and will no doubt be nudging up towards gale force by 7pm tonight when I’m up on Codnor hill doing a bit of dogging.

(Monday 22nd April)

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