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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spritely Young Things

A dog show near Lincoln today. L originally wanted to be dropped off in Lincoln, to shop and to no doubt increase her book pile. In the end though, she decides to join us, which should have the effect of decreasing the book pile instead judging by how many books she has with her.

Things are certainly getting more reliable with MD. Two clears today. 20th against Grades 4 and 5 in a class of 284. Then 6th in his Grade 3 class of 202. He wasn’t too far away in the other two competitions either. In fact in one of them I have no idea why the judge gave us 5 faults. It wasn’t a very good run, granted, but I can’t see what we did wrong and they’re not supposed to fault you for purely being crap.

Doggo got 14th and 17th in some big Allsorts classes, there was no Veterans competition here. Allsorts classes include spritely young things as well as old gits.

We stop off for Sunday lunch on the way back. The first mass market eatery we stop at is closed and undergoing renovation, presumably into an even more mass market eatery. The next one gives dire warnings of long waits for food. We give it a go anyway. It takes long enough to get a drink despite the fact they have almost as many staff as customers, of which they have many but not enough to cause a food shortage.

When the food comes, it wasn’t memorable. In fact, I’ve already forgotten it and the beer as well, which came out of a pump with a clip proclaiming it was the once great Old Speckled Hen.

(Sunday 21st April)

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