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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Romantic Stroll

I cycle into work, getting all hot and sweaty in the process and then have about ten minutes to ‘freshen up’ and have some breakie before some customers arrive early for a meeting. The hot and sweatiness was because I’ve still in winter mode with my bike clothing and I’ve been caught out by the very sudden disappearance of the subzero temperatures that have been with us for months.

The meeting takes forever but is saved by a fairly decent buffet lunch.

It might not be as cold but the wind had been steadily winding itself up all day. Thankfully it turns out to be blowing in the right direction for heading home. I did have my swimming kit with me but decide it’s a nice evening to take the boys on the park despite the wind. I’m too old to manage both, although I have time to do so.

L joins us for our stroll on the park, how romantic, just the four of us. Although she does try and look as if she isn't with us.

(Tuesday 16th April)

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