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Friday, 19 April 2013

I’m Not Saying Anything

Back on the bike today, the third day out of four. L must be impressed because she said later

Don't say anything... but I might have to take up cycling’ 

I’m not saying anything.

After work, I cycle straight to Bramcote Hills Park, where we have booked into the Broxtowe 5k because this is how low our sights (or more specifically my sights) have fallen. I ran this back in 2010 in the inaugural event, completed it in 20.05 and came 8th. Tonight I just want to get round without any leg pain.

L meets me there and when she does, she has a young female student in tow. Apparently she found her looking lost and confused on the bus. I’m not sure I would have got away with such an explanation had the roles been reversed.

The run actually goes very well. It is pain free and I keep a good strong pace going all the way through the monumental distance, despite a lot of it being on grass. My pace is helped by the fact that I just have to pass that 14 year old lad up front, that overdressed chap in tracksuit trousers and an ipod and later the first lady.

The first two are no problem, as they both quickly fade. The third takes more time and effort but I get there in the end. She doesn’t give up easily though and comes storming past me after the line. Ha. Too late love.

I finished 26th tonight in 21:47 (Chip time 21:43). I'm back! The time is particularly pleasing considering I cycled back from Derby.

We head off home to do something naughty, like have a takeaway curry.

(Friday 19th April)

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