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Friday, 5 April 2013

The Agony Dulls With Time

I oversleep but manage to cycle anyway, quickly, out of necessity but it’s not good for the legs. I’m exhausted and there’s not even much windy today.

Then I decide to return via the hillier route through West Hallam for variety and stupidity, also not good for the legs.

L enters us for one of those horrendous off road fell things in the Lake District, this time in Staveley courtesy of Lakeland Trails on 1st June.
We do one of these every so often and I spend the entire duration wishing I was somewhere else but the agony dulls with time and we usually enter another one.

There are two distances and L decides to enter the 17k with the theory that she can soon drop down to the 10k if she’s feeling like a wimp. Which means I also ought to enter the long one as well... or come out as a wimp. Oh well, you never know they may have tarmaced over the fells by then and it won’t be so bad.

I beat L home and as requested run a hot bath for her. Well for both us, but it’s so hot all I can do for twenty minutes is sit and look at it. So I pour the wine and light the dog smell dispersing candles. 

(Friday 5th April)

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