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Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Proposition

Earlier in the week L hit me with a proposition, park run. Park runs are free 5k runs in local parks run by volunteers. They’re also hellishly competitive.
I opt out, I’m not risking my ankle just yet and 5k is short and painfully fast for me these days. I would sprint it and my muscles would explode. Although perhaps I might do one with MD sometime. Not that that would do anything to stop my muscles exploding.

Still, I chivalrously kick L out of bed for her own good. The dogs and I come to support, considering it’s a 9am start this is quite a sacrifice of almost dog show earliness.

It’s at the Forest Rec and is the first one to be held there, so records are there to be had and some recognisable faces from local races are there clearly intent to get their names on the first leader board. I kick the ball around for the dogs in the middle of it all.

Then there's the match, where Derby lose to Ipswich in injury time. Afterwards I meet L and drag her out of Quad before she can order a second glass of wine. 

Then we get the bus over to Burton which is harder than you think. The running of the direct X38 service is now being shared by two companies, Trent Barton and Arriva but we can’t use our Mango cards on the Arriva service so either have to pay extra or wait for the Trent. We wait. It's a well confusing system.

We head to the National Brewery Centre and have a pint in their bar. Their own White Shield 5.6% is excellent. Their guest beers are disappointing though. We also eat there and over order on the bread. Then it’s our usual haunt the Coopers Tavern before searching out the Old Cottage Brewery’s pub which has some promising stuff but we don’t stop long as we have a bus to catch, which we miss and end up back in the the Coopers until the next one is due.

(Saturday 6th April)

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