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Thursday 11 April 2013

After Many Years Of Not Doing So...

I bike into work and finally, after many many years of not doing so, I cycle down the A52. This is the main dual carriageway between Derby and Nottingham. It is also a accident and pot hole black spot. However, as so many other cyclists have told me, the last mile or more up to Pride Park is almost totally static at rush hour. Yes I know. I’m often sat in it in the car.

So I give it a go and it cuts five minutes off my journey. L will be horrified but then it was her fault I was running late, so she can’t complain too much.

My latest injury, the recurrence of dodgy calf syndrome, survives the bike. I’m hoping to do a 10k on Sunday but will know better my chances after squash tonight. The pub lunch also helps to dull the discomfort. So now in an Abbot Ale induced haze, I’m all ready for tonight’s game. Bring it on.

I play at 80% effort to protect my calf, although this doesn’t do the score any favours. Then when nothing has snapped by game 4, I manage to increase my effort and win a game. Afterwards I’m well pleased with the workout.

(Thursday 11th April)

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