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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

There Is No Justice

On the bike again and I seem to have a soft rear tyre. I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned punctures on Monday.

At the same time I discover the downside of the A52 dual carriage route to work. This is not the place to be if you feel you’re about to have a major tyre failure.

As Chris Froome wins the prologue at the Tour De Romandie, I survive the A52 but he gets a better post race welcome. There is no justice.


This morning, L arrives late at the pool and only manages 20 lengths. Naturally she now hates herself for her tardy efforts.

Tonight I arrive at the pool on time and only manage 20 lengths, deliberately. It may perhaps have been more but I’m hopeless at counting. Naturally though, I’m ecstatic. Despite someone forgetting to put all the lanes in for tonight’s laned session.

Another discrepancy with our swims is that L gets in to work after hers each morning and regales me of tales of fellow swimmers slipping out of their bikinis and into strapless sundresses or nurses uniforms.  I can’t imagine the 18 stone man swimming rather slowly up and down my lane cares much for a sundresses.

(Wednesday 24th April)

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