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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Banned Substances

I do manage to get on the bike today and the ride in goes very well. Less so the ride home.

Almost immediately after I leave work the wind is fiercely against me. A fellow rouleur shoots past me as if it’s a gentle breeze. Then he stops and asks me the way to Long Eaton. Clearly a newbie. I suggest a route, my route and he says he’ll ride with me. Oh no.

Great, now I’ve got to try and keep up with him. We take turns sheltering each other from the wind, which is hell when I’m on the front and hell when I’m trying to hang on to his rear wheel. 

As I'm hanging on, I get a good look at his fancy-dan Livestrong (aka the Lance Armstrong Foundation) gear. So clearly he’s aided by banned substances, you know, triangular flapjacks and the like.

Thankfully he turns off in Borrowash, towards Long Eaton, and I get to get to freewheel for a while, until the wind starts blowing me backwards. The ordeal isn’t over yet.

Then after I've lain on the bed at home recovering for ten minutes, its time to scrape myself off it and take the boys to dog training.

(Wednesday 3rd April)

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