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Tuesday 6 September 2016

Almost Totally Old School

I try out my tired legs on the bike and they’re not too bad actually.

I track down the Kirkwall Half results which have been posted to some obscure group on Facebook. They are in the form of a scanned sheet on handwritten A4 paper. Almost totally old school.

From having no half marathons at all, Manchester suddenly has two. The Great Run organisation have announced that next year’s Manchester 10k will have a half marathon option. I bet Xtra Mile Events who are organising this year’s totally separate Manchester Half are a bit miffed. I plan to do their event if my body holds together that long.

Tonight it’s back to school with my main dog training restarting after the summer break. L visits her folks but goes early and returns early so we don’t get chance to meet up in the pub.

(Tuesday 6th September)

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