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Saturday 10 September 2016

The Damage Done

So the inaugural Huthwaite parkrun at Brierley Forest and its busy as most inaugurals are. I run with MD which means we get a lousy start due to prodigious amounts of lead biting. Then, as usual, once we’re up and running we’re dead last, so we have to overtake everyone. 

The course starts on very narrow paths so overtaking is very slow and laborious. When we finally weave our way through the field and catch up with L, MD stops for a number two loo break. He really should have gone before we started. Then we have to make our way through the field all over again.

By the time we start lap two of two I finally feel we have started running for real but the damage is done and our resultant time of over 27 minutes is our slowest ever by two minutes.

Sadly the park cafĂ© hasn’t yet cottoned on to the potential sales boost from so many runners and isn’t doing bacon butties. So there’s no reason to stick around and I take L to Pilates for 11.

She meets me back at home and then we both head across to Derby. I’m heading to the football but I drop L in Borrowash to make her way to the hospital to visit her brother from where I pick her up later.

At the match Derby again spurn plenty of chances but would probably have lost anyway to a slick looking Newcastle side who in the end win 2-0 with a very late second goal flattering them a touch.

(Saturday 10th September)

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