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Sunday 11 September 2016

Present And Correct

We arrive at the dog show at Southwell, go more or less straight into the ring and go clear first run. Perhaps MD was just so relieved he wasn’t at another parkrun that he actually concentrated.

It was in Agility as well, all contacts and weaves present and correct. So, not a bad start and we actually finish in second place. It had looked for a long time like we might actually win an elusive agility class but then some professional turned up, won by three seconds and put us all in our places.

L says it's still silver medal position and as good as Froome will get in the Vuelta. Well, yes and he’ll be as p***** off as us when they interview him this evening. He has my sympathy.

L does a 50 minute run herself, says she's feeling really smug with herself and is ready to crawl back into bed. Well, I guess I might as well head home and join her as it can’t get any better here. How are we going to top that first run?

We don’t.

We do three more runs before 11am, it's not often that happens but he forgets both his contacts and his weaves in two of them. He even has a few poles down for good measure. He goes clear in the Helter Skelter but that's doesn’t count, it's a 'fun' class whatever that means.

We have one more run to do and we might even get that in before lunch. L suggests I whisper ‘parkrun’ in his ear and he’ll be off like a rocket. It doesn't work, he just looks terrified.

We head home to a girl bearing ice cream. Later L and I spend the evening in the Horse & Jockey at Stapleford.

(Sunday 11th September)

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