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Sunday 18 September 2016

Seriously Undulating

Today we are at Calke Abbey for Jack Rabbit Events’ 10k. We pick my Mum and Dad up on the way and the dogs are along to support as well. Then, after we’ve picked up our race numbers, is the five minute walk uphill to the start.

The race then starts on a downhill stretch which means of course that what goes down must come back up, which of course it does and this pretty much sets the tone for the whole course. The word 'undulating' just doesn't adequately describe it. So definitely not a PB course nor one that is kind on anyone with dodgy calves (like me).

The route then circumnavigates Staunton Harold Reservoir, sticking to the main road and touching on Melbourne, before returning to Ticknall and back into the Calke Abbey estate. The last couple of miles is through Calke Abbey's grounds which no doubt some folk will tell you is scenic and I suppose it is but it's also along a long straight rather dull tarmac driveway which is also quite busy with traffic.

My time of 47 minutes reflects the undulating nature of the course. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. At the finish we get a nice big medal (if you like medals) but no t-shirt. Overall though, not a bad race and very well organised.

I bump into a dog club person whose Son has won the race and his brother came 10th. Well that put me in my place.

We then head off to the cafĂ© with my Mum and Dad for liquid refreshments. Non-alcoholic of course, that can wait until later when we will pub crawl Canning Circus taking in the Falcon, the Blue Monkey and the Borlase. It’s our first time in the Falcon for ages and they produce the drink of the night in Abbeydale’s Born To Be Wild. All that comes after a relaxing Friday night come Sunday afternoon. 

(Sunday 18th September)

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