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Monday 5 September 2016

The Thrill Of The Chase

We do the separate dog walking again this morning and I am pleased to find that my legs are still working.  I am enthused and clearly L is too as she lets me enter us both in the Calke Abbey 10k which is in two weeks’ time.

Daughter rings and I think pays us a compliment by lamenting her father for not, among other things, being as affectionate with own partner as L and I are with each other. She points to the fact that we are always licking each other’s faces. Erm, I think she’s gets us confused with the dogs there.

I spend £90.39 in Sainsbury's. Get in. After not shopping for two weeks the chance of hitting the magic £90 target for triple Nectar points was on but obviously the trick is to not go too far over and save some of your firepower for future offers.

Although as triple points is worth a mere 90p it’s not really about the money it’s all about the thrill of the chase.

Dogging is surprisingly on. Which gives L chance to nip home for a secret liaison with the hoover while the dogs and I are out of the way. No doubt the pair of them will be cavorting in the bedroom again. 

(Monday 5th September)

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