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Wednesday 21 September 2016

Non Binary

The dogs had to cope with the trauma of going back to the old system this morning. Doggo seemed to cope ok but MD looked a bit shocked. He’s got so used to having L and the ball chucker to himself.

The local council seem to be bombarding me with survey recently, mostly mundane stuff but I was kind of intrigued by question 8.

8. What is your gender?
- Male
- Female
- Non Binary
- Other (please specify)

Hmmm. I’d heard that being ‘non-binary’ was all the rage at the moment but that’s the first time I’d seen it on a survey. However the intriguing thing is, if non-binary is effectively ‘neither’ or’ both’ then what comes under ‘other’?

Daughter comes over to Nottingham again, ahead of her interview in London tomorrow. L collects her from the train station as I’m out on the razz.

I’m out with the old school chums and as usual we meet up in the Brunswick. Tonight however the debate about where to go next for food is redundant as the Brunswick are now doing food until 8pm. Sorted. We stay there all evening. The thing is I’d already been in there for a pub lunch earlier, if I’m not careful they’ll think I’m moving in.

(Wednesday 21st September)

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