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Monday 26 September 2016

Eight Becomes Five

L and Daughter head over to L’s parents to help sort out everything following the sad death of L’s brother yesterday. I opt to go into work figuring that I’d probably just be in the way but I take them both in to Derby on my way.

Daughter heads back to Manchester in the afternoon and L comes back to me for a lift home at 5pm.

We finally find time to do something with the poor dead cat that has been lying unceremoniously in a bin bag on our dustbin for the last few day. He/she is taken to the vets.

I go dog training while in Nottingham the Rebel Runners are sorting their teams out for next year’s Thunder Run. We have volunteered ourselves to run with three others from last year’s team of eight to make a team of five. Which will be good, will get us extra runs but less sleep.

(Monday 26th September)

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