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Tuesday 13 September 2016

Injury Risk: Code Amber

I’m in the car again today as there’s a football match tonight. I had considered running in to work from my parents' place, as I often do when there’s a game, but I decide the injury risk is too high. I take the car to work instead which means we have time to continue our family walks.

I’m still a bit late leaving for work but I manage to get one of the hotly contested parking spaces because a lot of the company are at an exhibition at the NEC. We have a stand at a trade show but I don’t qualify to go, not that I’d really want to, because I don’t fit the necessary criteria to help out. You either need to work in our Sales department or look good in a short skirt.

Derby dominate another game and lose again as Ipswich convert possibly their own chance on goal while Derby miss all theirs. The natives are now getting restless but then again the natives were restless when we were top of the league last season and they’ll just have to patient as apparently FIFA have totally scrapped the loan system so we can’t sign a striker until January. We drown our sorrows in the Harrington.

(Tuesday 13th September)

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