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Saturday 24 September 2016

Somebody Else’s Problem

While L drools at the thought of the 46 park runs that are in London, which would be quite a project and no doubt would become a project if Daughter got the job down there, she also admits that Project East Midlands is also proving quite testing.

I should be encouraging her to spread her wings more but Project Bacon Sandwich is quite a draw for me and Forest Rec have the best but today we are determined to go elsewhere. So we pencil in a trip to Sherwood Pines but as often happens we end up running late and don’t get there. So it’s Forest Rec again. Which suits the boys too, as they can have their usual ball session.

L then has Pilates and I have a match, oddly a normal 3pm KO. Sky seem to have lost interest in us this season which is understandable considering how poor we’ve been.

As I leave for the match I notice a dead cat lying in the gutter just outside our house. At first I drive past it thinking that it is most definitely somebody else’s problem but then I change my mind. I just can’t leave it there, so I U-turn and head back just as L is arriving back home. Together we scrape it up and ring the vets. They will take it and scan it but it has no collar on, so it’s probably not chipped either.

Derby lose again, 2-1, but at least they scored this week.

L cooks pre-race pasta but then abandons it to head to the hospital. I head home, collect the boys and head over there as well. Before I leave I manage to move tonight’s theatre tickets to another night as the situation with L’s brother isn’t looking good. 

(Saturday 24th September)

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