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Saturday 17 September 2016

Another Nearly Day

I’m at a dog show somewhere near Rugby today and I wonder if MD will start off in style like he did last time out. Nope. The little sod completely skipped his dog walk contact but (and it’s a big but) I suppose otherwise it was a good first run. However we still went straight on to the practice ring where he managed eight perfect dog walk contacts in a row. As I said, little sod.

L parkruns and then spends two hours rolling around on the floor at Pilates before heading off to meet her sister who is in town visiting their brother.

Meanwhile MD has a good run in Jumping but demolishes a jump. I give him a bit of a talking to/pep talk and then head off for a brief lunchtime run to try to loosen my tight calf.

We do at least go clear on the afternoon's Jumping course but it’s very scrappy and only good enough for 11th place. He also gets all his contacts in the Agility but again has a pole down. We find out that we got a rosette for 13th in this morning’s first run despite our 5 faults. So it was very much a ‘nearly’ day.

L and I are both doing the Calke Abbey 10k tomorrow so it’s pasta, AF and a night in tonight. So with no pub it’s a case of make your own entertainment. You can never have too many Fridays.

(Saturday 17th September)

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