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Thursday 22 September 2016

Day Trip To London

The boys get a ‘new morning’ today as we schedule a ball chuck before leaving for London just after 8am. We drive down to Stanmore to park with the aim of getting the tube in from there but Stanmore is full. Eventually we end up parking at Edgware and make our way down to the Embankment from there. Her interview is right on the banks of the Thames at Somerset House.

Naturally we wait in a pub, have a couple of drinks and, when Daughter returns after her interview, lunch.

We also attempt to check out the Roman baths, which they say are probably not actually Roman, on Strand Lane. The only way you can see the baths is to peer through a dirty window into the darkness beyond and see... practically nothing. Which is a shame.

I have cancelled squash, to save rushing back, and as I have a lot of Thursday ‘appointments’ coming up, squash will move temporarily to Tuesdays from next week. It’s a good job I have cancelled it as I never would have made it as the traffic is backed up from junction 11 down to junction 8 on the M1 due to authorities apprehending a lorry full of suspected illegal immigrants on the slip road of junction 11. The hold up also puts getting Daughter back for her train in serious doubt but we screech into the station car park just in time. 

(Thursday 22nd September)

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