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Sunday 4 September 2016

The Blue Peter Garden

Firstly I apologise to MD. I had booked him into a dog show today but instead he, along with Doggo, is being dumped in a multi-story car park in Salford. They are at least incarcerated in what they call MediaCityUK where both the BBC and ITV have studios as his errant owners prepare to run the Salford 10k.
It’s not all bad for them though. Both dogs get to wee in the Blue Peter garden while I meet Pudsey Bear and L gets to stand outside the Rover Return. Daughter comes along to support and even seems to enjoy herself.

It's fairly well organised but there was a distinct lack of useful stalls in the race village e.g. nothing athletically minded so there was nowhere to get an energy bar from. I had to have chocolate instead! It was also a right scrum getting into the start pens but I managed to cram myself in somewhere near the front eventually.

The route takes us past the Lowry, the Imperial War Museum, Old Trafford football ground and Salford Quays from where we have done the Great Swim. I only notice some of these places because obviously I am too focused on my race.

It’s a fairly flat traffic free course but it’s also quite twisty and rather dull. I particularly objected to spending a whole km running around Manchester United’s car park. Mile marking could also have been better but overall it's a decent training run with an ok t-shirt and the usual cheap medal. I’m a bit disappointed with my time being a minute down on the Castle Rock 10k and into the 46s but the main thing is that I’m still not injured.

We head back to Daughter’s for brunch, a bit of a Three Quarters English then we leave her in peace and head home via Salford Tip where we dump a huge TV that someone gave her even though she didn’t want one. It’s so big it has to go in the boot which means we have to displace Doggo into the car where he sits regally on the backseat. He simply can’t believe his good fortune. In fact, he is so uncharacteristically well behaved and statuesque that we leave him there. Of course he daren’t move a muscle in case we stop and put him back in the boot.

In the evening we go for drinks in Stapleford then home for a Park curry.

(Sunday 4th September)

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