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Wednesday 4 January 2012

Another Record Bad Year

On the bike today and it’s bloody hard work. I’m so unfit etc etc but there’s no wind and no rain, so it’s perfect conditions really.

It’s time to look at my end of year bike stats and they’re not good. 139 rides last year which is 4 down on 2010 which was also a record bad year. I suppose I have been running more instead. I think. A bit. A little bit.

Total distance wise, 3,266km sounds good but is again down on 2010, 355km down.

L passes on some advice someone gave her in the gym for dealing with sore knees post race. She was recommended to go along to Clarendon Sixth Form College where there's loads of students willing to give massages for a fiver. Apparently they’re really up for runners legs to practice on because they are different from the ones they normally get to lay their hands. Better I assume. I’m there.

We’ve snuck into the Liversedge Half, at least I have, not sure if L’s had her confirmation yet. I’m number 567. So much for the 500 limit.

It’s a bit wet when I cycle home but not as wet as it gets when I head to dog class for MD’s first day back at school after the Christmas hols. He is very very up for it. Which I think is a good thing.

I’m glad I’m not on the late 9pm shift and therefore have to carry the equipment across the car park in the driving rain to put it away. I will be next week though, so it better not be so foul then.

Talking of rain, L’s phone has dried out and is still dead, so she’s bought a new one. Unfortunately she’s lost her phone book on the old one. Which means she is now having deep and meaningful text conversations with people without knowing who they are. I send her an anonymous text but she guesses it’s me. At least this shows she can’t have that many admirers randomly texting her.

(Wednesday 4th January)

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