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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Please Explain

We enjoy the scenic route on the bus this morning, via Ilkeston and Spondon. There’s been another disaster on the A52 apparently, almost a daily occurrence at the moment.

L and I are battling to get one of the 250 places in the Barrathon, the Isle of Barra half marathon, entry to which they seem to making as taxing as possible. Entries go live on the web at 7.30 tonight and I leave L in charge alongside her spreadsheet ticking knitting, reading and chucking hot dogs (that’s a dog thing and probably not actually on the spreadsheet, I don’t think). I’ve had to move squash to Tuesday this week.

Technical problems however, with the online entry not with squash, where I have lack of talent problems, mean entries are quickly suspended and now we await a new date with the internet.

It’s not easy this race entering business I’ll have you know. In exchange for L doing Barra I was going to enter us both for the much less illustrious Droitwich but that’s now full. It's unbelievable that so many people want to run around Droitwich? So I enter us in Milton Keynes instead... Yes I know, why would anybody want to run around Milton Keynes? I have no idea. Please explain it to me.

(Tuesday 31st January)

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