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Thursday 12 January 2012

Jovial Fist Fights And Knifings In The Back

L goes for an early swim and leaves the house before me. As I leave not long afterwards it seems odd turning the lights off and leaving the boys in the dark. It doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter in the mornings. Still they probably like it dark for their morning kip.

I arrive late for work again because it took an hour and five minutes to drive the fourteen miles to work this morning. Nightmare. It takes me fifteen minutes less than that by bike.

I consider putting in for this year’s Great North Run but not for long. £48!

We decide that neither of us are wealthy enough or stupid enough to pay that but just wait until we’ve had a few beers this weekend... then who knows.

I have a committee meeting tonight which brings the usual jovial fist fights and knifings in the back. It also seems to go on forever. Such joy.

(Thursday 12th January)

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