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Monday 9 January 2012

Punch Up At Sainsbury’s

It always nice if something livens up your lunch hour and the punch up in Sainsbury’s car park certainly did that. Plenty of blood split until security broke them up. I would like to say it was two women smashing the hell out of each other with their shopping bags but it wasn’t, it was two blokes. Find it hard to believe they were scrapping over the last bag of Granny Smiths but who knows.

L threatens rabbit food tonight, she says she’s not feeling slim and suggests I might want to come home from dog class via the chippy. Wash your mouth out girl. I can’t do that, I’m now in half marathon training mode. I can cope with the green stuff, particularly as I’ve got best ham, cheese and coleslaw to defile it.

(Monday 9th January)

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