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Monday 30 January 2012

Celebrity In The Family

Doggo’s twin brother is going to be on the stage and we receive some promos of the show in the post. We do keep telling Doggo that he's got a celebrity brother, but he doesn't seem bothered.

It’s intriguing to hear on the radio that a woman has managed to dump her car in the River Trent. Not intriguing that she put her car in the river, so much as where she did it, on the Victoria Embankment. Where it’s incredibly difficult to get anywhere near the river especially since they’ve built the new flood wall, which she must have had to drive around. I’d love to know more.

There are two runs for our veteran at dog training tonight, much to MD’s disgust. He gets six and still isn’t satisfied. Well, at least he’s mean and hungry.

On the way home I pick up some young lass whose hanging around the bus stops in Borrowash. L’s been out for another night of running and noshing.

(Monday 30th January)

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