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Monday 16 January 2012

A Flaw In The Planning Stage

I made it on time to work, somehow. The A52 was backing up into Bramcote but I managed to divert through Ilkeston.

I’m at training tonight and L is munching on Brussel sprout casserole as her mother’s. I’m well out of that one. I’ll have pate and cheese when I get home.

Training goes well even though our trainer is away and I’m asked to set the course. It is well received, despite a flaw in the planning stage that means I run out of space and one of the obstacles ends up sending the dogs straight into a wall. I have to adapt it, which means it ends up being harder than I’d planned, but no one lynches me.

I’m the only one who has problems. When I run Doggo, just for a bit of exercise and only over the low jumps, he deviates and tries to jump the bigger ones. I try to stop him and run into a horse jump that someone hadn’t put away. Now they’re a bit bigger and more substantial than our dog jumps. Ouch. Another bruise to the dodgy hip.

(Monday 16th January)

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