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Tuesday 1 May 2012

Expensive Junk Mail

Birthday wishes arrive from Son at 01.50 hours this morning. Had he managed it 110 minutes earlier he’d only have been three days late rather than four but I’m touched anyway. These well organised students are our future you know...

It’s as bad as the postal service. They put a card through the door saying that I owe them 36p plus a £1 admin charge because somebody else hasn’t put the correct postage on. Wouldn't it have been easier and more cost effective to have delivered the item instead?

As I do not know what the item is I could be paying £1.36 for a piece of junk mail, so they can keep it. I’m miffed though because every single week we redeliver several items on the Royal Mail's behalf that are put through our door when they should have gone to neighbouring streets, next door or even other properties on our street. We’ve never charged them for this service but I’m going to from now on. £1 admin charge per item should do it.

I bike to work, arriving slightly damp but I didn’t think it was too windy until I got off my bike at work and got practically blown off my feet. It must blown me here but then it’s always windy on Pride Park.

L texts to see if I’ve survived the roads and then when I don’t reply sends another one ten minutes later, fearing the worst, a puncture. Ten minutes wasn’t much of a window, it’s a good job that I can bang out a text quicker than a teenager.

I take in a swim on the way home, which is sort of pleasant, as is taking the boys on the park.

(Tuesday 1st May)

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