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Tuesday 27 November 2012

An Unfit Person’s Thighs

I was late this morning because for some reason I had a problem getting out of bed. Then I was even later because the traffic was terrible even at that time. Borrowash, bizarrely, was totally gridlocked. So I ended parked up at my Mum’s at 8.05, due at work at 8.45 and it takes 40 minutes to do the run, for a fit person.

This was my first run for five weeks and the knee throbbed at first but then seemed to settle down ok. It probably helped that I stopped a couple of times for a good cough. Then there was the bit where I had to ease up and teeter along the river bank where it was flooded. So quite eventful really, although I was late for work. L has offered to shove me out of bed next time but that won’t be necessary.

The nominations for Sports Personality of the Year have been announced and why you can’t argue (much) with who’s been included, one can ask where’s Laura Trott’s name? Not only double Olympic champion but also double world champion in the same year, which is a better CV this year than most of the nominees including a certain Mr Hoy. No Alistair Brownlee either, ok so he was injured most of the year and didn’t bag the world title but it was some comeback to win the Olympic medal instead.

The run in this morning was from my parents’ house with the problem being I’ve now got to get back there. So another five miles in the opposite direction, after which my knee is still fine but I’m coughing well and my thighs hurt like an unfit person’s thighs.

There’s a match tonight against league leaders Cardiff which finishes 1-1. Cardiff were poor, which shows what a poor league this is. They seemed to come for a point and were only intent on stopping us playing by whatever means. I felt a bit sorry for the player they had sent off because they had two or three who deserved to go and to be honest, he wasn’t one of them. Cardiff may well go up, they are well organised side and that might be enough this year.

I head home, after a pint with my folks, keeping an eye out for Doggo. Whom L has said she will be tying to a lamppost at the end of our street. I take it he’s been a bit of a pain tonight.

(Tuesday 27th November)

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