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Monday 5 November 2012

The Blitz

It’s dropped a bit cold today and L takes the dog’s ice skating, in preference to their morning walk. I derided the council for using grit unnecessarily the other day, perhaps today they did need it after all.

Tonight is Bonfire Night of course and I get home to be greeted by one dog. I have to free the other from the spare room. I assume the explosions had started early and somehow he had managed to batter his way into there. Once there he normally digs a hole in the carpet or tunnels his way through the cables under the computer table. At least there’s no sign of digging and he hasn’t managed to electrocute himself, not yet.

Dog training tonight would have been good for him, as we’re in the middle of nowhere, so there shouldn’t be many fireworks. Only, it’s cancelled for un-firework related reasons.

So Doggo spends the evening indoors listening to Kerrang Radio while MD spends his barking at the blitz in the garden.

(Monday 5th November)

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