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Monday 19 November 2012

Waterlogged Pitch

So it’s time to hit training hard for all of us this week. That’s L, me and Laura Trott of course. Who claims to be so unfit after her post-Olympic holiday. This is the sort of winning two World Cup Gold medals type unfitness that I’m unfamiliar with. She's off to training camp in Australia for a month, we're... not.

I await the usual 5.30 dogging report, that’s the weather report from the venue as to whether dog training can go ahead. It’s off, waterlogged pitch. So it’s training in the garden instead, which isn’t quite as waterlogged.

In between that and ball kicks for Doggo, I attempt to dispose of Son’s souvenir For Sale sign. Unfortunately it proves more resilient to being binned than I expected as it’s made of very tough plastic. I need to source something equally resilient to cut it up with.

I also recycle a few books. Won’t be needing this one, a complete work of fiction.

There’s no understanding them.

(Monday 19th November)

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