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Saturday 3 November 2012

Reconnaissance Mission

After an awful performance and a total capitulation to Peterborough in midweek, losing 3-0, erratic old Derby bounce back and win 4-1 against an admittedly very poor and Ian Holloway-less Blackpool. They shouldn't even have had the '1', it was very dubious penalty decision.

We need to supply some beer for a beer tasting on Friday, so we head out on a reconnaissance mission. I would like to take something local, so we head to an old haunt of ours. The Fox and Crown, the brewery tap for the Alcazar Brewery.

It’s not a great experience. The warning signs were there when we walked in, most people drinking lager and London Pride on the bar for those that aren't. Still we were here for one of the six or so beers of their own, so we took the plunge. Ideally this would have been the legendary award winning Maple Magic but this hasn't been seen for around five years, unless we're just unlucky to keep missing it.

The old standby, known as Brush Ale was very flat, thin and too sweet. L's New Dawn was very similar. We tried two more but The Vixens Vice and Windjammer are no better. Clearly something has gone amiss with Alcazar.

So we move on down the road to the Horse and Groom. This is slightly better but there's still nothing dark and for October that's terrible. We end up drinking Old Intentional from the Derby Brewery, which is actually very good.

(Saturday 3rd November)

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