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Friday, 9 November 2012

Tactical Errors

It’s kind of ironic that on the day that L cycles for the first time in months I discover an article on Cycling Deaths in Nottinghamshire... Apparently we have the highest death ratio in the country outside of London. Although there are no deaths actually in Nottingham City, they’re all in the wider county where the current policy is to remove cycle lanes and hand out free reflective clothing instead. An interesting approach which doesn’t appear to be working.

L leaves ‘the thing’ at work and walks home... although for unrelated reasons, urgent shopping or something.

Elsewhere a dog is saved by Mountain Rescue after sixteen days in a gorge in southern Scotland .

The poor thing. Bloody collie of course, suffering from red mist in his eyes. It says that Sparky is now 'quiet and subdued' that is until he sees another goat.

It’s a beer tasting, pub games and fireworks evening tonight at a friend’s place and we’re still struggling to get a decent beer to take. We go out every week and drink really good local beers but when you want a take out of one suddenly they’re all off. After work I head down to the Castle Rock Brewery tap for the acclaimed Midnight Owl but it’s not on. What’s worse is it takes not far off an hour to travel the three miles or so and back in the Nottingham traffic to find that out.

Instead I take a recommended replacement of a strong Stout from Sheffield. So not local. We drive it over in the car, which is abandoned there, we’ll taxi back.

The fireworks are good, especially the ones we brought and no one gets torched for a change. The pub games are good too. I remain unbeaten at table football but bomb out of ‘killer’ darts as all the male players annihilate each other leaving the Ladies to battle among themselves for victory. Somehow I think we all got the tactics wrong. L didn’t get chance to put any tactics in to play at all, removed from action (to her obvious relief) after just two throws as somebody repeatedly hits her number, which was next to mine, when actually aiming for mine.

Beer wise, of the eclectic four up for tasting, my replacement Stout is a bit of a let down. A bit dry and dull. The others are home brew (nice but deadly and oversweet), something that resembles Spitfire but turns out instead to be another beer by the same brewery and a pale Belgian-esk but not quite beer that turns out to be Special Brew.

Not sure which one was the winner actually.

(Friday 9th November)

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