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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Bedraggled Bears

It's foul outside for most of the day. L proclaims she’s glad she’s not sitting at a football match tonight. She might have a point, although she will be expected to kick footballs in the mud for the dogs.

As I dodge the showers to get a sandwich at lunchtime I pass a very bedraggled looking Pudsey Bear loitering outside Pride Park stadium. Is it Children in Need time again?

I go to my Mum’s for tea and while I’m served fish she hands me a huge slab of roast beef ‘for the boys’. Now there’s nothing wrong with the fish, which is very nice, but I’d have been fine with cold beef sandwich.

The match is good, a 2-0 win. That’s two decent performances in a row for once and two wins. It’s also good to see a second consecutive away team, Barnsley tonight after Blackpool on Saturday turn up with the correct strip on. Rather than some God awful away kit, generally these days in lime green and/or purple, when there’s no colour clash.

Pudsey’s there as well. He seems to have blagged his way inside the stadium and can be seen failing to save penalties on the pitch at half time.

(Tuesday 6th November)

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