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Monday 12 November 2012

Taking The Rap

Daughter has yet another job and it sounds suspiciously like chugging. It also isn't going particularly well. Which is a surprise. Nagging is on of her strong points...

Well, I hope her salary isn’t dependent on how well she does. It's also raining here; I hope it isn't in Sheffield.

Here’s a first, L owes MD an apology. Having this morning caught Doggo in the act of pulling the washing off the line with his teeth; she appears to have done the younger model a huge disservice. MD has been taking the rap for this for the last four years.

L sends me to Sainsbury’s with a an unhealthy list and then apologises, saying she'd be embarrassed to be seen pushing the trolley. Never mind, I’ll hide her crap under my fruit.

Tonight’s committee meeting is off as we have insufficient people to form a quorum to make it count. Never mind, I can take the boys dog training instead.

Oh no. Back on, still without a quorum but going ahead anyway. Sorry boys, no training.

(Monday 12th November)

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