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Wednesday 7 November 2012

A Female For Christmas

A very nice day for a bike into work. Although I wore far too much and was a ball of sweat by the time I arrived. Which didn’t stop one of my colleagues wanting the heating on at full blast. It was ok for a while, that is until, even with a window open, first my eyeballs start to melt and then the race of my face turned to liquid. I suppose we should all be used to people with different thermostats, I have one at home. Although it’s usually women who feel the chill and this was a chap.

L tries to take some photos of our delightful children and dog eating (not proven) deer on Wollaton Park to swap for kangaroo photos with a friend in Australia. They are a bit blurred though, probably because they were chasing her at the time or because a certain little collie had nil paws on the ground while he repelling their attack with some good old fashioned yawping.

L leaps to the defence of the poor creatures. Hang on, poor creatures? The deer? Are these the same ones she’s ordered for Christmas lunch? Apparently not, these were Stags, she has no problem with the males. It’s a female she wants for Christmas. Funnily enough that was always top of my list too, when I was a teenager.

Dog training tonight. Clearly traumatised by the deer, MD’s a bit obstinate tonight. Not that that’s unusual.

(Wednesday 7th November)

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