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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Sociological Study

I have a bit of a problem with a little man in a BMW, that is as big as our bungalow, trying to squeeze me off the road. Not that he had a lot of choice seeing as his vehicle was wider than the road. There was still no reason to overtake me though and I gleefully take him back when he gets stuck in the traffic seconds later. Then just for extra annoyance I block him at the lights to get my own back. He wasn’t happy. Good.

Son has requested photos of the dogs for an ‘animals’ seminar tomorrow. Probably the last time he was asked to talk about his pets was at infant school...

If he’s doing a sociological study of our dogs he’ll be there all day and he won’t even get onto MD. L reckons I’m confusing sociological with psychological, which in Doggo's case is a complete and utter mishmash.

Daughter is coming home tonight because she says her flatmates are annoying her again. Then she's dog sitting for us this weekend.

Dog training goes well, MD wise. He is absolutely brilliant tonight and does a passable impression of a dog who’s listening to me. That is unless somebody’s swapped dogs on me when I wasn’t looking.

The psychologically mishmashed one however, is a bit embarrassing. He arrives whining and hyped up but with one of his famous limps. This makes a mockery of turning up early to let him have a go.

(Wednesday 14th November)

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