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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Djanogly Untamed

It's almost like skiing weather today, nice crispy snow and bright sunshine, except this is Nottingham not the Alps. The forecast is a bit disappointing as well; don’t think we’ll get much more.

As I walk to the bus I’m passed by a lad doing his paper round on our estate by chauffeur driven car. His mother I assume. Pampered child or what.

Despite already have done my regulation two gym sessions this month, I might to do a third due to all this ice and snow. L proposes yet another different leisure centre, this time Djanogly.

Djanogly? Hmmm, radical. She’s trying to unsettle my delicate equilibrium and Doggo’s. At least it’ll give him some different people to boot stare at. I also can’t recall if the equipment faces to or from the walls there? These things matter but I’ll give it a go.

In the end doing Djanogly isn’t as easy to do as you would think. The entry gate is locked and only the exit gate, clearly labelled with a big red ‘no entry’ sign, is open. So we go in that way, as must have everyone else because despite being so unwelcoming, it's packed.

I do 10k on the bike, which seems harder than at the other places, either their settings are different or my legs are. Then I do a 2k row, followed by a 2k run. Where again I think their settings are different, as 14kph feels nothing like 14kph. It must be my legs again.

At least no one takes issue with my Four Villages Half Marathon t-shirt, accusing me of not running it, as it was snowed off. The girl in the Rushcliffe 10k t-shirt better not say anything. At least I didn't run further than she did run.

(Tuesday 22nd January)

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