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Friday, 18 January 2013

Ravaged By An Earthquake

This morning at 5.20am we are ravaged by an earthquake. Doggo and I are awake but do not know why. Half an hour later Doggo vomits on the carpet. Delayed reaction perhaps. It didn't wake L or MD obviously.

I take the bus for the fourth day in the row. This is worse than my gym habit. 

Apparently we have had the “worst snow for 30 years” but then they say that every year. It’s true that it isn’t very good snow and we only have a light dusting of it here, an inch or so. It has also covered up the icy patches making walking a lot easier but to call it the worst for 30 years is a bit harsh on the snow. Naturally everywhere is in total chaos.

This is brilliant. A software developer has apparently outsourced his work to China at a cheaper rate, pocketed the difference and then spent all day on the internet, surfing sites like Reddit.
I had to go on Reddit because I didn’t know what it was. Anyone who can find it interesting for more than five minutes has my admiration, it’s just a jumbled mess of pointless trivia. You could spend your life on that desperately trying to find something of interest. Actually, I think I’d rather do some work. Well after I’ve finished checking out the Chinese small ads.

It has to be said his employer seemed to get a good deal out of it, so I wonder if after sacking him, was his replacement as good?

After two days at the gym and then squash, my legs decide that today is a rest day.

(Friday 18th January)

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