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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Drastic Measures

It’s not really biking weather, although some do and it’s not really safe to run either. In fact walking is actually pretty horrible, so the boys are making do with more football in the garden than actual walks out.

Naturally the bus comes early and as I couldn’t really run for it, given the conditions, I threw myself in front of it instead. Worked a treat but the driver wasn’t very happy.

This lack of outdoor training calls for drastic measures. Indoor training.

On the grounds that John Carroll might be too busy, L and I go to the Tennis Centre. Lo and behold who should be there but one of L’s 'men' who works at John Carroll and who seems to have assigned himself as my ‘personal trainer’. He there giving a young girl a right going over with a set of dumbbells, getting her to lift various weights in all sorts of odd positions. I hope he doesn’t try getting me to do any of that.

He taps me on the shoulder as I pedal my way through 10km, and tells me cycling is banned in here. Hmmm. I’ll go for a row then, does he have a problem with that? 2km row done then a short 2km run, then off home for rare steak.

Oh yes, I nearly forget to say, I also signed up for the 'once a month' gym £50 cash back deal again, only once I've filled the form in they tell me it's no longer a requirement to go once a month. Oh good. It’s now twice a month. Oh no. Twice a month! That’s insane. It's a conspiracy.

(Tuesday 15th January)

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