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Thursday, 17 January 2013

So Not Fair

Somehow, against my knowledge, they slipped a Nottingham Half Ironman in to the Triathlon calendar. We already have a full Ironman in Nottingham - the Outlaw, now we have the Outlaw Half as well. I recently developed a rather reckless desire to do a Half Ironman and this would be an ideal opportunity to be reckless locally.

Why? Why not. I mean how hard can it be? half marathon - check, 56 mile bike - check, 1.2 mile swim - gulp. Ok, so perhaps it’s a good job they didn’t tell me. 2013 is now full, 2014 here I come...

I mention this now because L has ruined my morning by suggesting that if I’m seriously considering such a preposterous event, shouldn't I not be looking at doing the Great North Swim or something similar, to help overcome my fear of water and sort of this year?

She may have a point and I do already have about half a dozen swims in my diary because somebody keeps sending me them. The Great North at Windermere is an obvious starting point. I know the form, been there, got the T Shirt (but only because L had a spare). Now all I need is the wetsuit and the swimming cap. Can’t wait.

Apparently it’s snowing in Nottingham. There’s no snow here in Derby. We’re jealous. Even the BBC say it’s snowing in Derby... but it isn’t!

Pub lunch today featuring Chicken and Bacon pie rather than the usual Steak and Ale one, it’s nice to have a variation.

Still snowing in Nottingham. Still not snowing in Derby. This is so not fair. I’ll just have to come to the snow. Off home.

Then it’s squash. We battle through three close games. We used to get through four or five, so I must be improving or at least stringing the games out for longer. We consider changing the scoring system from PAR 15 to what the professionals play PAR 11. I’m not sure if shorter games will work in my favour or not. We’ll see.

(Thursday 17th January)

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