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Thursday, 3 January 2013

It’s All Relative These Days

I cycle again. All part of the fitness plan and it stays dry again.

L wants to know if I've phoned a physio yet? No not yet, the knee is fine so far, sort of. Ask me again after squash or after I've unwittingly knelt on it tonight. I really must stop doing that.

Lunch time is spent in the pub, which is very pleasant and will fortify me for the rest of today’s fitness plan.

Unfortunately, I run into a bit of trouble on the way home. An old man passes me, well when I say old, I mean he was older than me. It’s all relative these days. I set off in something approaching a hot pursuit but can’t catch him. I do get close but he nips through the lights just before they change and I get stranded the other side of the junction.

I watch him up the road overtaking another cyclist with long flowing blonde hair. I think I know who that is. I often see a couple of chaps with such flowing locks on my commute, clearly it's one of them. Neither are to be tangled with, so he’s brave passing them.

When I get moving though, I start to catch this other cyclist and realise it’s not a chap at all but a girl. Naturally I have to go past her, which isn’t easy as it once was. Sadly most girls on bike are now fitter and younger than me by some distance. It’s all relative these days. This one is easily overcome though but she’s a grumpy one and doesn’t even acknowledge my greeting as I go past.

Then it’s squash and four very long, close games. I’m crawling by the end, two days on the bike does not a good pair of legs make. I have never been so delighted to see the next couple of players turn up for their game and I thank them profusely.

(Thursday 3rd January)

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